7 Mar 2017 RB Marketing Series

5 Reasons SEO is your Most Valuable Lead Generator

Andy Garcia
Andy Garcia
[Former] SEO Manager

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key ingredient for business success in the rehab industry. As the Sr. SEO manager for Recovery Brands, I realize this statement may sound a bit overconfident, but hear me out…

SEO encompasses many aspects of an online-driven business. As more people turn to the Internet for answers to the complex questions surrounding addiction, SEO can help your business stand out among the competition.

While there are many reasons I think every business should invest in SEO, I’ve outlined five compelling reasons why rehab facilities should consider investing time and budget toward it.

  1. SEO delivers a consistent volume of high-quality leads
    Search engines receive a nearly incomprehensible amount of search queries. For example, the search engine, Google, handles at least 2 trillion searches every year — and that number is steadily increasing.It’s clear from the ever-rising volume of searches that people rely on search engines to find information. This is especially true when it comes to individuals who plan to make a large financial investment such as the cost of addiction treatment. Potential clients expect to find reviews, images, insurance information, and ratings of treatment facilities online. A sound SEO strategy focuses on providing exactly what clients are searching for so you can draw a consistent stream of visitors toward your website.
  2. SEO capitalizes on search behaviors to boost your facility’s visibility online
    Thanks to voice technology in mobile devices and digital assistants, people are beginning to use more natural language in their search queries. The search engine universe is slowly changing from keyword-based queries to more conversational queries. For example, people interact with search engines by asking questions such as “How far away is the nearest addiction treatment facility?” instead of “treatment facility, rehab, San Diego.” SEO strategies can enhance a facility’s online content to fit these search behaviors, resulting in higher visibility and more admissions.SEO strategies also allow businesses to optimize their websites and content to match searchers’ increasing use of mobile devices. A solid SEO strategy incorporates necessary mobile signals so users can easily find nearby treatment options and even navigate to a facility all on the convenience of their phone.
  3. SEO ensures your content is useful in order to draw in more visitors and land more admissions
    There is strong evidence that user behavior metrics (e.g. time on site, click through rates, bounce rates, etc.) affect rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs). Google seems to be putting more emphasis on how a user reacts to your site’s content and your ability to serve up a fulfilling result to a search query. SEO focuses on improving the utility of your website’s content so you can not only rank higher on search engines like Google, but also better serve your potential clients and nurture their trust for eventual admission.
  4. Facilities can control their online reputation with the use of SEO
    With the help of a public relations team, SEO can help foster a positive reputation for your facility by positioning assets that highlight favorable aspects of your business. While negative press may exist surrounding your facility’s previous mistakes or misfortunes, SEO can help balance your reputation by capturing relevant keywords that boost the visibility of your successes and the respectable efforts you’ve taken toward improving the treatment industry and the lives of your clients.
  5. When executed well, SEO delivers a higher return on investment than paid efforts
    The addiction treatment space is notorious for an expensive threshold for entering paid search, specifically when utilizing Google Adwords. Costs-per-click (CPCs) for top-value keywords can be as high as $200. In fact, WordStream ranks addiction treatment related keywords as the 18th and 19th most expensive niche groups. Budgets for pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are typically large and require constant management. Low conversion rates or subpar keyword research can lead to a small or negative return on investment. For these reasons, PPC cannot operate as a long-term lead generation investment.Organic search is a true, long-term investment in your business. An organic search strategy requires more of a time commitment than a financial commitment, which means that once your SEO efforts have gained momentum, your return on investment will be high.

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