8 May 2017 RB Marketing Series

How to Make Better Business Decisions with Call Tracking

Kelsey Galles
Kelsey Galles
Content Marketing Coordinator

On average, how many telephone inquiries does your facility generate each month? Of those calls, how many were local? Out of state? How many converted into admissions?

Within the next three years, smartphones will drive 162 billion calls to businesses. This figure has special significance for rehab facilities, which have always relied heavily on phone calls to convert leads to admissions.

To truly understand where your leads are coming from, you need call tracking software. Not only can you can determine how to better spend your marketing budget, but you’ll be able to see which channels and mediums are leading to calls that convert the highest.

If you’re hesitant to make the investment in call tracking software, consider these five benefits:

  1. Measure the return on investment (ROI) for your marketing and sales tactics
    Call tracking software allows you to create and assign a unique phone number to your website, digital marketing campaigns or various print collateral (e.g. brochures, business cards, newsletters, etc.) and measure call conversions for each channel. From there, you can measure your cost-per-admission for each tactic to narrow down and prioritize your marketing efforts.
  2. Hold your sales and marketing teams accountable to improve productivity
    The bottom line for rehab facilities is very clear: generate admissions. Call tracking software allows you to hold everyone accountable to this common goal. Cost-per-everything should be tracked, and sales and marketing teams should show the effectiveness of their endeavors via hard numbers available from call tracking reports.
  3. Understand your audiences to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns
    Since most conversions are completed over the phone, rehab facilities are uniquely positioned to gather a huge piece of their audience intel. Call tracking will give you a solid understanding of where and how a person finds you, which then allows you to paint a better picture of consumer whereabouts and habits. Use this information to develop different audience personas and hone your marketing and messaging techniques.
  4. Test different approaches and scale for optimized performance
    Call tracking allows you to test different approaches and techniques for acquiring admissions at your facility with an equally comparable metric (call generation). You can also test smaller adjustments to your marketing collateral by implementing A/B testing; make small tweaks in messaging, imagery, and other variables to compare which version had the highest conversion rate.
  5. Improve your conversion rates by evaluating the quality of your inbound calls
    Many call tracking platforms allow you to record phone conversations. By analyzing all of your calls collectively, you can get a clear picture of who is dialing your facility and how your marketing messages and placements are affecting the callers’ understandings of your services. You can then use this intel to update your marketing approaches and hone your messages to deliver quality leads that result in admissions.

Note: keep in mind that treatment centers must be sensitive to the information being collected. Make sure your tracking software utilizes features that maintain compliance with the regulations of HIPPA and HITECH.

Not sure which call tracking software is right for you? Check out these options.

    • CallRail
      If you’re searching for a user-friendly option, CallRail is your best bet. Reviewers consistently rave about the user interface and the ease of navigation. The platform also has robust integration options for deeper marketing insights — CallRail allows for integrations with over 300 software platforms including Google Anlaytics, Salesforce, WordPress, and Google AdWords.
    • DialogTech
      If you’re new to tracking software, and need hands-on assistance throughout setup and implementation, DialogTech may be a good option for you. The platform offers reliable and responsive customer service to assist with setup and any troubleshooting.
    • Infinity
      Searching for the works? Infinity is one of the most robust platforms (but also one of the most expensive). They offer comprehensive integration and customization options and top-quality customer service.
    • Call Tracking Metrics
      This vendor offers a user-friendly interface and multiple plan and price options based on your treatment center’s needs. Call Tracking Metrics knows the addiction treatment industry — they offer functionalities such as schedule-based routing to make sure no call to your treatment center goes unanswered.

Have you implemented call tracking software? Share your favorite tools in the comment section below.

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