11 Jan 2017 Digital

6 Stats to Prove Why Digital Marketing is a Must in 2017

Kelsey Galles
Kelsey Galles
Content Marketing Coordinator

I’m a creature of habit: I have an unwavering morning routine that replicates itself down to the final splash of milk in my cup of coffee before I run out the door.

Much like my morning schedule, many treatment facilities are stuck in familiar marketing strategies that were developed decades ago. And while tried and true tactics certainly have their merit, a plan without digital components is missing guaranteed connection points with potential clients.

If you have yet to step into online marketing, consider these six stats — and let 2017 be the year you take on digital.

Takeaway for treatment marketers: If the majority of Americans are using the Internet each day, it’s safe to say the majority of your potential clients are also online every day. If you’re not marketing online, you’re missing out on 365 (or more) opportunities each year to connect with an individual in need of your services.

Takeaway for treatment marketers: Not only are people spending time online, they are also using the Internet to find answers to virtually any question — including questions about their health. It’s evident that people trust online resources to make decisions about their care. Moral of the story: if you’re not maintaining a digital presence, you’re missing out on an opportunity to strengthen your facility’s reputation as a trustworthy treatment provider.

Takeaway for treatment marketers: Not only are your potential clients searching for general health and addiction-related information, they’re also looking at specific treatment facilities online — and making a decision based off of these online interactions. If your treatment facility has a less-than-stellar website, you’ll likely be last choice among competitors with more robust websites.

Takeaway for treatment marketers:  In the above study, Google engaged Compete to survey over 250 individuals searching for addiction treatment to better understand how digital drives research and appointments. As you can see, search is a crucial component for a successful admissions strategy. Optimizing your online presence via strong digital marketing tactics will improve your rankings within search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, attracting valuable website visitors who are more likely to convert to admissions.

Takeaway for treatment marketers: Maintaining your digital presence also means staying up-to-date with how potential clients are searching for your treatment center. Research indicates that  patients are more likely to book an appointment with a treatment facility if they are searching on mobile vs. searching on desktop. This means it’s crucial for your website to be mobile-optimized to ensure leads result in conversions.

If you’re just getting started with digital marketing, looking to improve your existing online strategy, or already dominating digital and looking for more opportunities to improve your admissions, stick with us. This year we will be breaking down the basics and delivering new insights on topics ranging from ethics, SEO, and social media marketing to business operations and the impact of policy changes. Click here to learn more about our digital marketing tools.

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