17 Apr 2017 RB Marketing Series

Using Authoritative Content to Build and Improve Your Online Reputation

Nikki Seay
Nikki Seay
Content Marketing Manager

What do authoritative content and online reputation management have in common? Absolutely everything.

Yesterday’s marketing tactics no longer cut it in our modern digital world. When it comes to building (and improving) your online reputation and generating organic search results, expert content with a strong focus on authority now leads the pack – particularly in the addiction treatment industry.


So glad you asked…

Where Authority and Trust Collide

In my experience managing Pro Talk and Pro Corner – RB’s editorial platforms for industry experts and thought leaders – here’s one thing I can tell you for sure: If you want to earn a “gold standard” reputation, your business must first be seen as an authority. And the key to developing authority is developing trust.

Authority isn’t a reputation you simply assign to yourself. It’s something you earn from consumers, colleagues, peers, competitors and potential clients. Being labeled as an “authority” means you are an expert in your field – someone who’s trusted and respected. It’s a badge of honor that separates you from the pack, making it easier to attract new clients and grow your business.

The last thing you want to be known as is “just another rehab facility” – settling for that kind of reputation is nothing more than kryptonite to your success.

Enter authoritative content…

Expert content serves as a bridge between your facility and potential customers, and a vehicle to build brand trust for your company and its services. But it only produces results when you put the needs of your target audience at the forefront. This is the era of the informed consumer. Thousands of potential clients are out there right now seeking answers and guidance from authoritative voices within the addiction recovery field. Your brand must deliver that information, asking for absolutely nothing in return.

It’s Not About Selling

Authoritative content is a different animal altogether. It’s not about selling your potential clients; it’s about helping, educating and informing them over a period of time.

Consumers know when they’re being sold – and they don’t like it. They are used to seeing a call-to-action on every single piece of content or being inundated with “call now” buttons on facility websites. When it feels like everyone wants something from them, it can create a lack of trust for the treatment industry as a whole – like there’s no one out there who truly cares. Authoritative content is the antidote.

In order to build brand trust – and a stellar online reputation – you must include authentic, in-depth and accurate expert content that asks nothing from the reader. The ultimate goal is to become the go-to resource for your target audience and earn their confidence. It can mean the difference between a customer trusting you with his or her sobriety – or going to your competitors instead.

Your brand’s message must be one of genuine sincerity if you’re going to earn a solid online reputation, inspire loyalty and attract new clients. With authoritative content, “How does this benefit my target customer?” is the most important question to ask before building a strategy or creating your editorial calendar.

Look for creative ways to use authoritative content – expert authors can help potential clients understand the addiction recovery process, tell them about new treatment options available, introduce them to some adjunct therapies used in recovery (think equine or adventure therapy), or explain how new healthcare laws will affect their ability to get treatment. It’s much more than just telling them how and why your facility is the best; it’s about providing them with advice and ideas for their lives in general.

Once you’re seen as an authority in the industry, potential customers instinctively know they can trust in the quality addiction treatment services you provide. As a result, they’re more likely to pick up the phone, ask for your help and even share your expert content with their online communities.

Have you had success creating content that informs potential clients? Share how you’ve established authority in the comments below.

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