5 Oct 2016 Business Digital

Modernize your Marketing Mix Series (Part II): Online and Offline Media

As the opioid epidemic continues to balloon, the addiction treatment industry has become a…

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30 Sep 2016 Business Digital

Modernize your Marketing Mix Series (Part I): Sales Outreach & Referral Partners

Marketers in the addiction treatment space are often met with heightened awareness of ethical…

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20 Sep 2016 Digital

Leveraging the Power of Connection in Online Communities

“Connection, along with love and belonging (two expressions of connection), is why we are…

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8 Sep 2016 Digital

Mapping the Journey: How to Nurture Leads Through Content

Understanding your client’s decision-making process is paramount for delivering the right content at the right…

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31 Aug 2016 Digital

How to Amplify your Customer Reviews with Video Testimonials

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed my online searches have frequently migrated to…

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20 Aug 2016 Digital

4 Healthcare Marketing Examples to Inspire your Next Campaign

In previous posts, I’ve written about how marketers in the mental health and addiction…

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16 Aug 2016 Digital

The Importance of Building a Brand Community

Two months ago, I made the long-distance move from Chicago to San Diego. As…

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11 Aug 2016 Digital

Everything You Need to Get Started with Buyer Personas

Empathy is a necessity in healthcare marketing. Every day, we communicate with individuals who…

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11 Aug 2016 Digital

5 Sure-Fire Tips for Creating Conversational Content

I’m the first to admit that conversational writing does not come naturally for me.…

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4 Aug 2016 Digital

Content, SEO, and the Importance of Caring

The phrase “content is king” has been thrown around ever since Bill Gates coined…

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5 Jul 2016 Digital

The Case for Personalized Content in Healthcare Marketing

“Names are the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” ― Dale Carnegie…

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22 Jun 2016 Digital

The Healthcare Marketer’s Guide to Creating a Cohesive Content Strategy

In 2009, Nigerian writer, Chimanda Ngozi Adichie, gave a fascinating TED talk called “The…

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