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Getting to Know Our ETHOS Presenter James Hadlock

Recovery Brands
Recovery Brands

Last month we launched the ETHOS seminar series which brings low-cost, actionable business ethics training to addiction treatment providers. The series takes place in four cities across the country, and our next event will be held on August 25th in Denver.

If you’re still on the fence about joining us, we promise to deliver a power-packed lineup of experts who will deliver training to immediately impact your treatment center’s operations. But don’t take it from us, our speakers are excited to kick off the series too.

James Hadlock, Marketing Director at Acqua Recovery, is pleased to join us as an ETHOS speaker. James gave us his backstory on why the recovery industry is close to his heart and how ETHOS fits into his personal and professional mission to help people reach care.

Recovery Brands: Prior to your position at Acqua Recovery, you excelled in various entrepreneurial roles outside of healthcare. How did you find your way to the addiction treatment industry and what made you stay?

James: After a decade of drug and alcohol misuse, I experienced a profound transformation that lead to a life of recovery, clarity, and purpose…then I met my new wife. We began providing personal development and leadership retreats based on our experiences and insights. Six years ago a therapist attended one of our programs and encouraged us to bring our work into the addiction recovery community. We began facilitating groups and were eventually introduced to the owners of Acqua. They were interested in our work and our business acumen. We have since leveraged both and continue to provide groups and oversee marketing and outreach efforts at Acqua Recovery. I am in the industry because I understand what people are looking for in addiction and the idea of supporting others sings to my heart.

Recovery Brands: You’ve shared that during your personal recovery journey you’ve practiced “deep listening” to mindfully connect with yourself and the world around you. How has this practice influenced the marketing strategies you employ at Acqua Recovery?

James: Our team’s deep listening practices translate to attentive, compassionate, and resourceful practices. Acqua Recovery has a high-touch reputation, meaning we focus attention on human-to-human interactions during the admissions process and beyond. Potential referral sources know we will take care of their patients, so we’ve gained trust among our partners. The results of our keen listening speak for themselves: we have an efficient call-to-admit ratio and clients frequently comment on how easy it is to chat with us.

Recovery Brands: We’ve enlisted your call handling expertise for our ETHOS Series. Why do you think this component of business operations is especially important for treatment centers to master?

James: It’s a game changer! Elevating our practices to focus on listening for insights rather than information allows us to see situations clearly and know how to execute quickly to help callers in the moment. Heightened listening truly changes the dynamic of the conversations we have with potential admits. Most people calling, whether struggling themselves or asking for a loved one, are desperate, confused, and frustrated. When they feel you genuinely care, they ease up and find a new sense of calm.

Recovery Brands: How does the ETHOS seminar series align with Acqua Recovery’s mission and why do you think addiction professionals should attend?

James: Acqua is committed to being a resource for individuals and communities while letting the beds fill themselves. This implies a deeper understanding of what matters most in our industry. We were immediate fans of the series and welcome the vision ETHOS is bringing to light. The addiction treatment industry is known for some less-than-ethical business practices and the time has come to raise the level of integrity in the field. ETHOS has the power to provide honesty and transparency in an industry that has lost its way.

To attend our ETHOS event in Denver, use the order form below. Or to learn more about the ETHOS event series click here.

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