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Getting to Know Our ETHOS Presenter Kelly Farrell

Recovery Brands
Recovery Brands

Have you caught wind of our ETHOS seminar series? It’s designed to bring addiction treatment providers affordable business and ethics training, and our first workshop is only a couple of weeks away in Chicago.

The one-day seminars will bring together some of the industry’s leading experts in areas ranging from insurance and clinical documentation to branding and reputation management.

Kelly Farrell, the co-founder and president of designRoom, is one such expert who is eager to share her decades-worth of marketing knowledge to help your treatment facility develop a healthy brand. We sat down with Kelly to get a better understanding of her background and what she hopes to offer ETHOS attendees.

Recovery Brands: You specialize in branding for behavioral health organizations. What attracted you to this industry and where did you believe you could add value?

Kelly: For us, branding for behavioral health organizations was a combination of mission and evolution. You get to a point in your career when you want to focus what you do best where you think you can do the most good. For us, that destination was in the behavioral health and addiction treatment world. Personally, we are invested, as recovery is alive and well in our studio. Professionally, it’s a welcome challenge.

Over the past 20-plus years we’ve moved from working with Fortune 500-type companies, to solely healthcare companies, and eventually we focused on consulting behavioral health organizations. It feels good and we’re good at it. Plus, we see a significant need for branding, as many organizations in this industry never really had to worry about it in the past.

The real value we deliver to treatment and behavioral health centers is in unifying their organization and building a brand that reflects that unified culture and vision. It encourages all kinds of healthy organizational behavior.

Recovery Brands: Why do you think branding is important — not just from a marketing perspective — but for the overall health of an organization?

Kelly: Branding is important because, well, it’s everything! It’s way more than the logo. It’s who you are on the inside, how you present to the public, and how you behave and are perceived in every interaction. Your brand is how you make an impression, how you are remembered, how you are talked about. Like I said… everything.

Recovery Brands: How do you think addiction treatment providers must evolve in order to effectively communicate with the growing population of individuals in need of treatment?

Kelly: I believe communication must be consistent, authentic, relevant, and rapid. It also needs to happen with some regularity. That’s how you become memorable and build lasting relationships. That’s where the money is made, and where strategic growth is encouraged and managed. I’ve seen it. Equity and capital are great, but without a good plan and a healthy brand, it won’t do you much good in the long term.

Recovery Brands: How does the ETHOS seminar series align with designRoom’s mission and why do you think addiction professionals should attend?

Kelly: Our mission is to help organizations that help people. We do that by building healthy brands, from the inside out. Addiction professionals should attend ETHOS because everyone within an organization has a stake in keeping their brand healthy and their operations ethical. It might surprise attendees to see the impact and significance of a healthy brand on their organization’s success and sustainability.

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