5 Dec 2016 Digital

How to Earn Patient Trust: The Power of Your Mission Statement

Kelsey Galles
Kelsey Galles
Content Marketing Coordinator

A few months ago, many of us in the addiction treatment space read a widely-distributed Huffington Post article which sparked conversations about the lack of regulation surrounding treatment center admissions and marketing. With good reason, many individuals are wary of treatment centers’ marketing practices and admissions processes — despite the fact that many operate with high ethical standards.

In a time of scrutiny, how can treatment centers display their ethical standards?

A key component of earning trust and engagement is a compelling, well-displayed mission statement. Consistent use of your mission statement across marketing materials will help potential clients understand your facility’s ethical practices and promises.

The power of your mission statement

According to Gallup research, a strong mission statement fosters engagement with potential clients by promoting “brand differentiation, [client] passion and brand engagement.” In essence, a mission statement defines a treatment center’s purpose and reason for existence. A strong mission statement also articulates the experience a potential client can expect from your staff.

Showcasing your mission statement is similar to exposing your treatment center’s heart. For a potential client seeking admission, this transparency creates a connection and a sense of trust.

How to evaluate your mission statement

Before you distribute your mission statement via marketing materials, it’s important to make sure it effectively conveys what makes your treatment center stand out.

The statement should be brief (ideally condensed to one sentence) and should include:

  • What your treatment center does
  • For whom you offer services
  • Why you do what you do (aka, what is the benefit for the client)

A well-crafted mission statement is unique and memorable. Each word should be carefully selected to articulate your treatment center’s distinctive offerings and values. For example, if your treatment center is uniquely positioned to offer a range of individualized treatment options, you would want to replace vacant phrases like “we strive to provide quality care” with more refined phrases such as “we inspire hope and contribute to a full life after recovery by offering compassionate and holistic care tailored to our patients’ individual needs.”

For a mission statement to have resonance, it’s important that it’s implemented across all operations within your facility. Your mission statement should already be the root of your company culture before you disseminate it across your marketing materials.

How to leverage your mission statement in marketing materials

The key emotions, values, and promises demonstrated in your mission statement should be consistently integrated across all marketing efforts. Below are a few tips to utilize your mission statement:

1. Consistently use key phrases and words from your mission statement across all of your marketing messages.

  • No matter the channel — broadcast, social media, direct mail, digital or other– your messaging should be cohesive.

2. Maintain your sense of purpose throughout your marketing messages (the why portion of your mission statement).

  • Your mission statement explains your treatment center’s underlying business motivations. These are key credibility triggers that should be used in your marketing materials. For example, if your treatment center operates with the mindset of passion over profit, then you’ll want this key why message threaded throughout your marketing efforts.

3. Make sure your mission statement is easy to find on your website, social media and in all company collateral.

  • A typical mission statement is a bit too lengthy to operate as your marketing message or slogan, but it should be placed on low-funnel marketing materials for clients who are close to making a decision about treatment.

Your mission statement is the perfect opportunity to define your purpose internally then extend it outward. When you ground all of your business efforts in your mission statement, your entire organization can operate from one heart.

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