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Modernize your Marketing Mix Series (Part I): Sales Outreach & Referral Partners

Kelsey Galles
Kelsey Galles
Content Marketing Coordinator

Marketers in the addiction treatment space are often met with heightened awareness of ethical standards, which can make specific marketing channels and new technology seem daunting; however, it’s critical that treatment centers evolve toward modern marketing approaches to meet consumer expectations.

Facilities must maintain a balanced and technology-driven marketing mix in order to reach those in need of their services.

A typical healthy marketing mix for a treatment center includes the following:

1. Sales team outreach & referral partners
2. Media advertising (online and offline)
3. Digital assets
4. Alumni community building

A combination of these strategies will yield higher admissions than one tactic alone. Understanding how to elevate each strategy and distribute your budget resources appropriately is crucial.

In this series we’ll break down each part of the marketing mix and deliver tips and tools for treatment centers to modernize their practices. In part one, we’ll discuss how to elevate your sales and referral partner practices using up-to-date approaches and affordable software platforms.

Traditional Sales Outreach & Referral Partner Practices

Treatment centers often rely on outbound selling practices, meaning a sales team member or a referral partner reaches out to a potential client to push them to a treatment facility. Outbound selling practices require quite a bit of effort and prospecting from your sales team, and referral partners can be expensive in generating admissions.

How to Update your Sales Outreach & Referral Partner Practices

Transition to inbound sales opportunities: your marketing team will generate qualified leads for the sales team to tap into. This hand off from marketing to sales requires synchronicity that only an updated technology stack can deliver. Zach Binder, the Senior Director of Marketing Operations for American Addiction Centers, recommends that treatment facilities update their call center and marketing technology to better track potential leads for a seamless handoff from marketing to sales.

“Affordable tools and SaaS (software as a service) to enable call tracking, website analytics, and a CRM system like SalesForce should be at the core of every facility’s sales and marketing operations,” says Binder.

Utilizing technology that unites sales and marketing departments will result in tighter collaboration and increased sales opportunities. For example, customer relationship management (CRM) is a valuable tool as it allows marketers to create a database of potential leads from campaigns; the sales team can then tap into these leads to qualify, assign, and convert into sales.

If you’re uneasy about letting go of your referral partners, keep them around, but treat them as you would any other marketing tactic: track the number of admissions they place and their overall return on investment. Technology such as call tracking systems can help you make objective decisions about who adds value to your marketing mix.

Summary: quick tips for elevating sales team and referral partner practices

  • Update your treatment center’s technology to unite your sales and marketing teams. Affordable tools such as SaaS, website analytics and CRM systems should be at the core of all operations.
  • Measure outreach as you would any other marketing tactic — as a cost per acquisition. Give your outreach partners trackable phone numbers so you can measure their performance and the quality of their leads.

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