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[#RBRoundTable] Defining Success: What Works in Treatment?

Ryan Eisenacher
Ryan Eisenacher
[Former] Content Marketing Manager

In this month’s edition of #RBRoundTable, join us (@RecoveryBrands) and our Pro Talk guest panelists Keith McAdam, Anne Fletcher, and Michael Pond for an open discussion on treatment methods and outcomes.
Here’s a sneak peek of the questions we’ll be discussing:

Q1: What is the difference between inpatient or outpatient treatment? Is one better than the other?

Q2: Our research team found that relapse rates significantly decrease after 90+ days of treatment. Why do you think this is?

Q3: MAT is often used in the treatment of opioid dependence. Do you think it’s trading one addiction for another?

Q4: How do other mental disorders coexisting with drug and/or alcohol addiction affect treatment?

Q5: Do holistic therapies add anything to the quality or ultimate outcomes of the rehab experience?

Q6: Many programs generate outcomes based on successful completion. Why is this not a fair reflection of treatment efficacy?

Q7: What can we do to raise awareness of the necessity to create and implement standardized treatment outcomes?


How to Join:

  • Join us via Twitter on Wednesday, August 24, at 4 p.m. PT (7 p.m. ET)
  • Follow @RecoveryBrands on Twitter, and tweet your responses to our questions
  • Make sure you add the hashtag #RBRoundTable to all of your tweets!


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