12 Sep 2016 Business

Dynamic Number Insertion: Measuring the Impact of Your Digital Efforts

Kelsey Galles
Kelsey Galles
Content Marketing Coordinator

Digital analytics allow marketers to trace activity from touchpoint to touchpoint. But what happens when a client moves from an online activity to an offline action such as a phone call to your facility’s call center? If you’re without dynamic number insertion (DNI), you’ll lose the ability to attribute admissions to your marketing materials.

If you think that sounds like a missed opportunity, you’re absolutely right.

To deliver insight on how DNI can help treatment facilities improve conversion rates and optimize marketing funds, we’ve enlisted the expertise of Zach Binder, the senior director of marketing operations at American Addiction Centers. Zach has mastered the science of data-driven intelligence to help marketers make perceptive budget decisions and reach the right people in need of treatment.

Kelsey: Hi Zach! For those who are unfamiliar, can you give us a quick definition of dynamic number insertion (DNI)?

Zach: Absolutely. Dynamic number insertion is a software-supported process designed to link the data from your website traffic to the phone calls that are placed by your online visitors. With dynamic number insertion, each visitor to your website sees a unique phone number specific to their referral source, such as organic search traffic, pay per click ads, referring websites, and social media pages. Placed calls are tracked along with all relevant referral data in a reporting system available to you and your team.

Kelsey: So, clearly DNI is a valuable tool for marketers to understand their referral traffic, but how is DNI especially relevant for treatment facilities?

Zach: Treatment facilities should rely on an array of marketing channels to produce qualified leads for their business, and these leads often come at a substantial cost. With dynamic number insertion, a treatment facility marketer can see the successes and failures of each channel driving traffic to their website, and whether or not that traffic is driving calls to the facility. Armed with this information, a marketer can confidently evaluate the results of various campaigns, accurately measure ROI, and calibrate a marketing budget to be cost effective and efficient.

Kelsey: Let’s talk about calibrating a marketing budget. How can facilities use DNI analytics to compare very different tactics to optimize marketing budgets?

Zach: The most obvious way in which DNI can help facilities optimize marketing budgets is measuring volume and cost by channel. The not-so-obvious and often overlooked insights available from using DNI involve lead quality. Let’s use an example of two different campaigns to illustrate this scenario:

Campaign 1: I spend $5,000 on a Google Adwords campaign that produces 100 calls, which means I spent $50 per call. But if only 1 of those 100 callers enters my facility, that means I spent the full $5,000 just to get that one patient into my facility.

Campaign 2: Now let’s assume I spend $2,500 per month on a local directory placement that produces only 20 calls, which means I spent $125 per call. However, of those 20 callers, let’s assume that 5 of them admit to my facility. This means I only spent $500 to get each patient into my facility instead of $5,000 in the first example.

With DNI, I might discover one campaign producing less call volume actually produces better quality leads, more admissions to my facility, and, ultimately, more income for my business.

Kelsey: That’s such an astute yet simple approach. Aside from scaling campaigns based on performance, how else can DNI analytics help improve marketing strategies?

Zach: Dynamic call tracking can not only provide insight into campaign calibration, but also optimization tactics for your call center. When implementing DNI with a pay per click campaign, for example, you can identify patterns, opportunities, and weaknesses in your campaign structure as it pertains to day parting, geographical targeting, and keyword strategy.

Additionally, call tracking from different sources can help you appropriately staff your call center and incentivize performance. A/B testing your landing pages with unique phone numbers also provides the data intelligence required to optimize your user experience for conversions.

Kelsey: You’ve definitely sold me on dynamic number insertion. How can facilities get started with DNI? Do you have any recommendations for specific software?

Zach: There are tons of call tracking providers to choose from, and choosing the right one will depend on your needs. The three main factors I consider when choosing a call tracking provider are cost, usability, and customer service. With a more technically advanced marketing team, you may focus more on cost rather than customer service. While marketers with less resources available may need additional customer service and a super easy user interface.

My favorite call tracking provider at the moment is CallRail. For me, it offers tremendous ease of use, quality customer service, and a very competitive pricing structure. Other popular software services include Invoca, InfinityTracking, Grasshopper, Marchex, Kall8, and RingDNA. Many of these products offer extremely easy set up on your website as well as out of the box integrations with Adwords and CRM systems like SalesForce.

Kelsey: Any final tips for understanding and making the most of DNI analytics reports?

Zach: DNI is a tool to help marketers make attribution-based decisions. This type of decision making is not only a way to use data to shift budgets into more profitable marketing channels, but also a way to elevate your role as a marketer. The data you receive from using these tools may sometimes pull the curtain back on a winning tactic, and sometimes a losing one. Regardless of whether your strategy is winning or losing, keep in mind that the data is often a symptom of something else going on in your organization. In addition to having the proper data intelligence from DNI, using your intuition as a marketer, operator, or business owner will help you build a sustainable marketing infrastructure for your business.

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